Fundamental Grammar for the Lower Grammar Stage: Level 2

Fundamental Grammar for the Lower Grammar Stage: Level 2


    This consumable workbook may be used after the Level 1 Lower Grammar Workbook, for students in grades three through five, though the material is scalable. It is best used in conjunction with Claritas Classical Academy’s memory work. The grammar exercises should be taught to the student by a teacher, tutor, or parent as he or she moves through the workbook. The two Lower Grammar workbooks are preparatory for our Fundamental Grammar curriculum. A complete answer key is located at the end of the book, so parents unfamiliar with certain concepts such as diagramming can see the correct answers and prepare ahead of time. 

    Each lesson is meant to be taught over one week. The oral lesson may be repeated throughout the week for mastery, and the copy work may be broken into two different writing sessions if necessary. 

    At the end of each lesson is a list of spelling words. The words should be introduced at the beginning of the week, explaining the rule, with the student practicing writing them and using them in sentences. A phonics workbook series, like Explode the Code books 5 and 6, is an excellent supplement for working with the words in other ways throughout each week. We also recommend using methods such as word sorts, games, making up silly paragraphs using some of the words (and highlighting the words), sky writing, building the words with letter tiles, drilling sight words with flash cards, writing on white boards, tracing words in salt or on sandpaper, etc.

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