Cycle 3 FGG Workbook: Unit 3

Cycle 3 FGG Workbook: Unit 3


The Fundamental Grammar Workbooks (Units 1, 2, and 3) correlate lesson by lesson with the Fundamental Grammar Guide (FGG) and also correspond to our specific history cycles. Each student (5th -12th grades) will need a Fundamental Grammar Workbook:Units 1 & 2 (consumable; includes parent answer key; 1/student; Lessons 1-13 of FGG), and a Fundamental Grammar Workbook:Unit 3 which is a diagramming, proofing and parsing guide (purchased separately; non-consumable; 1/family; answers included; Lessons 14-28 of the FGG). Your family will purchase the FGG Workbooks according to the historical cycle you are currently studying.

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